Void Agreement Indian Contract Act

The Indian Contract Act, 1872 defines the legal framework for contracts in India. It covers various aspects of contract law, including the formation, performance, and enforcement of contracts. One important concept in contract law is that of a void agreement.

A void agreement is one that is not legally enforceable, and therefore has no legal effect. Such agreements are void ab initio, meaning that they are void from the very beginning and cannot be enforced by either party.

Under Section 2(g) of the Indian Contract Act, an agreement that is not enforceable by law is said to be void. There are several reasons why an agreement may be void, and these are outlined in various sections of the Act.

For instance, an agreement that is made by a party who is not competent to contract, such as a minor or a person of unsound mind, is void. Similarly, an agreement that is made under coercion or undue influence is also void.

Other examples of void agreements include those that are illegal or contrary to public policy. For instance, an agreement to commit a crime or engage in illegal activities is void. Similarly, an agreement that involves immoral or unethical practices is also void.

It is important to note that a void agreement is different from a voidable agreement. A voidable agreement is one that is valid and enforceable, but can be voided by one or both of the parties involved. For example, if one party entered into an agreement under duress, they can choose to void the agreement.

In contrast, a void agreement is not valid from the outset, and cannot be enforced by either party. This means that any attempt to enforce a void agreement will be unsuccessful, and the parties involved will have no legal recourse.

In conclusion, the concept of a void agreement is an important one in contract law. It is essential for individuals and businesses to understand what constitutes a void agreement and how it differs from a voidable agreement. By doing so, they can avoid entering into agreements that are not legally enforceable and protect their legal rights.


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